Takahashi defends keeping music


Daisuke Takahashi on Monday defended his decision to stick with the music for his short program at the Olympics despite the revelation that its composer is a fraud.

Takahashi’s “Sonatina for Violin” was thought to have been composed by a deaf man dubbed “Japan’s Beethoven” but it turns out Mamoru Samuragochi paid someone else to write his most famous compositions.

Samuragochi’s best-known works include a smash hit that had been adopted by classical music lovers as an anthem to Japan’s tsunami-hit communities. Doubts have also been cast as to whether the 50-year-old is actually deaf.

“To be honest, when I heard this, I was just astonished,” Takahahsi said.

“I wasn’t sure whether I could still use this music or not. I didn’t know the background when I chose it. I just liked the music.

“It wasn’t something I was aware of. I hope this problem will be solved, but I am still happy to be able to use this music for skating.”

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