Roho attacks two photographers


Russian rank-and-filer Roho is in hot water for attacking two photographers after losing his temper following a defeat to ozeki Chiyotaikai on Saturday.

Roho, a No. 3 maegashira, was shoved into the ringside seats by the ozeki in the day’s penultimate bout. Both wrestlers exchanged words and glared at each other after the match was over.

Still angry, Roho smashed a glass window on his way back to the dressing room and after receiving a reprimand from the Japan Sumo Association judging committee, proceeded to slap two photographers who were waiting on him. “After I lost, ozeki Chiyotaikai said ‘What were you doing?’ and I snapped.

I don’t really remember but I lost control. I think it was bad that I did that,” said Roho.

Exactly what triggered the exchange is unclear but both Roho and Chiyotaikai received warnings from JSA Chairman Kitanoumi. “I did a really inexcusable thing.

Both of us got hot. I went to apologize to the chairman after the bout,” Chiyotaikai said.