Commentary Topics

Mar 18, 2014

Combating climate change

by Hugh Cortazzi

Britain's former ambassador to Japan urges public pressure on governments to stop their shilly-shalling over unresolved questions about whether human activity is contributing the most to climate change and to get on with concluding effective agreements on curbing carbon emissions.

Mar 18, 2014

China rocked by fallen tiger, shaken dragon

by Minxin Pei

It wasn't clear whether Chinese President Xi Jingping would actually prosecute Zhou Yongkang — thus breaking the Communist Party's unwritten rule of immunity for retired members of the Politburo Standing Committee — until the Chinese media revealed shocking details of corruption involving Zhou's family ...

Mar 17, 2014

Economic stakes for Putin

by Sergei Guriev

Regardless of the West's response to the Crimean crisis, the economic damage to Russia will be vast. First, there are the direct costs of military operations and of supporting the Crimean regime. Then there are the costs related to the impact of sanctions on ...

Mar 16, 2014

Singh: missing for a decade

by Ramesh Thakur

It would be interesting to know just what Prime Minister Manmohan Singh — in office for a decade but rarely in power during that time — thinks the job requires beyond being a sycophant toward the first family.