Commentary Topics

Oct 10, 2014

Asia's innovation challenge

by Edward Jung

The West should pay attention to Asia's experiments with creative ways to finance innovation, such as China's intellectual property exchanges and Malaysia's intellectual-property loan programs.

Obama is no 'reluctant warrior'

Oct 7, 2014

Obama is no 'reluctant warrior'

by Ted Rall

When it comes to killing members of the Islamic State, U.S. President Barack Obama is anything but a reluctant warrrior. To the contrary, he makes former President George W. Bush look like a dirty peace hippie.

Oct 7, 2014

India's nuclear risks and costs

by Ramesh Thakur

The inevitable conclusion that nuclear weapons cannot help India solve the problems of poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition, and are irrelevant as security against any other country, should at least encourage India to champion the phased and verifiable goal of global nuclear disarmament.