Apr 9, 2015

Keeping the memory of war alive

In visiting Palau, the Emperor is continuing his efforts to ensure that the memories of Japan's wartime experience are kept alive and passed down to future generations.

Mar 24, 2015

Wartime slogan should stay buried

The silence of the Abe administration on a the use of the phrase "Hakko Ichiu" by an LDP lawmaker will only serve to raise suspicions about its attitude toward Japan's militaristic past.

Mar 8, 2015

Learning from a sunken battleship

The discovery of the sunken battleship Musashi — the Imperial Japanese Navy's biggest warship — by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen last week should serve as an opportunity for anybody to contemplate the real face of war.

| Mar 6, 2015

Home design; Pacific war; CM of the week: Taisho Pharmaceutical

TV Asahi’s “Before/After” (Sun., 6:57 p.m.) is single-handedly responsible for the “reform boom.” The show has inspired thousands of families to remodel their homes into something more livable and aesthetically pleasing. Last year, the program went overseas for the first time and brought a ...