Oct 17, 2014

Falling oil prices shaking up global economies

A sudden plunge in the price of oil is sending economic and political shockwaves around the world. Oil exporting countries are bracing for potentially crippling budget shortfalls and importing nations are benefiting from the lowest prices in four years. The global price of oil ...

Oct 17, 2014

Venezuela, New Zealand join U.N. Security Council

Venezuela, New Zealand, Angola and Malaysia have been elected to coveted seats on the United Nations Security Council, while voting continued to determine whether Turkey or Spain would join the council. Neither Turkey nor Spain got enough votes in the first or second ballot ...

Oct 13, 2014

Two arrested in Venezuela lawmaker's murder

Two men have been arrested in Venezuela for the murder of a ruling party lawmaker and his assistant, a high-profile crime with political overtones, the country’s supreme court said Sunday. In a statement, the high court identified the suspects as Eduwin Torres and Carlos ...

Sep 12, 2014

Venezuela's U.N. Security Council bid gains backing

Venezuela’s socialist government has quietly secured the backing of Latin America and the Caribbean to obtain a diplomatic trophy that long eluded the late Hugo Chavez: a seat on the United Nations Security Council. The unanimous endorsement of Venezuela’s candidacy to represent the region ...

Aug 22, 2014

Venezuela proposes fingerprinting grocery shoppers

Venezuelans could soon have to scan their fingerprints to buy bread. President Nicolas Maduro says a mandatory fingerprinting system is being implemented at grocery stores to combat food shortages by keeping people from buying too much of a single item. He calls it an ...

Jul 22, 2014

China's Xi signs Venezuela resource deals during Latin America blitz

Chinese President Xi Jinping signed a raft of oil and mineral deals with Venezuela Monday, his latest stop on a Latin American tour showcasing China’s growing influence in the region. During his four-country visit to what is often considered America’s back yard, Xi has ...

Jul 2, 2014

Maradona says coaching Venezuela is possibility

Argentine great Diego Maradona has said he could be the next coach of Venezuela, the only South American country that has never made it to the World Cup. Cesar Farias quit in November last year after the Venezuelan team, which is known as the ...

Caracas poor find haven in 'skyscraper slum'

Apr 4, 2014

Caracas poor find haven in 'skyscraper slum'

It boasts a helicopter landing pad, glorious views of the Avila mountain range, and large balconies for weekend barbecues. Yet this 45-story skyscraper in the center of the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, is no five-star hotel or swanky apartment block. It is a slum, probably ...

3 shot dead during unrest in central Venezuela

Mar 13, 2014

3 shot dead during unrest in central Venezuela

A university student, a National Guard captain and a third man were shot to death in separate incidents Wednesday as antigovernment protests roiled the central Venezuelan city of Valencia. Three National Guardsmen and several protesters were wounded. Two of the deaths came in the ...

Two dead as Venezuelans clash at protest barricades

Mar 7, 2014

Two dead as Venezuelans clash at protest barricades

A National Guardsman and a civilian were killed Thursday as gangs of government supporters on motorcycles rode into east Caracas neighborhoods to remove street barricades placed by opposition protesters. The pitched battle in a mixed industrial and residential district heightened tensions on the same ...

Chavez still going strong a year after his death

Mar 6, 2014

Chavez still going strong a year after his death

Though he died a year ago, Hugo Chavez still presents a weekly show on Venezuelan state television. In the last episode, he showed off poverty reduction data, railed at the “bourgeoisie” for looting the nation’s oil wealth and accused the opposition of fomenting instability ...

Venezuelans learn from world demos

Mar 4, 2014

Venezuelans learn from world demos

Venezuelan protesters ripped a dead tree from a vacant lot and dragged it down the street to rebuild a barricade in a Caracas neighborhood that has become an epicenter of unrest. Others in masks grabbed shields made out of aluminum siding or television satellite ...