Mar 31, 2015

Local politics matter

Races for this year’s nationwide series of local elections kicked off with the start of official campaigns last week for gubernatorial elections in 10 prefectures on April 12 — the same day that local assembly seats in 41 prefectures and 22 major cities will ...

Dec 18, 2013

Two more high courts condemn vote gap

The Osaka High Court ruled Wednesday that the disparity of up to 4.77-fold in the weight of votes in July’s Upper House election was unconstitutional but dismissed plaintiffs’ demand that the election results in six western districts be nullified. Also on Wednesday, the Nagoya ...

Dec 6, 2013

Diet enacts law to consolidate the nation's farmland

The Diet has enacted a bill to consolidate small and scattered plots of farmland to boost the agricultural sector’s competitiveness. The Upper House passed the bill late Thursday by a majority vote with support from parties including the ruling Liberal Democratic Party and New ...

Dec 5, 2013

Voter inequality under the law

The disparity in vote value between more and less populous Upper House constituencies has grown so wide that it is undermining the principle of equality under the law with regard to the representation of voters's will.

Skepticism engulfs secrecy bill

Nov 30, 2013

Skepticism engulfs secrecy bill


As Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s government rammed the controversial state secrecy bill through the Lower House last week, what seemed to become evident is that even his Cabinet ministers lack a coherent understanding of the content, breeding even more skepticism among the public. Abe ...

Upper House suspends Inoki for a month

Nov 22, 2013

Upper House suspends Inoki for a month

The Upper House passed a resolution Friday to prohibit member Antonio Inoki from attending the Diet for 30 days as punishment for visiting North Korea without the chamber’s permission. The disciplinary action, endorsed by both the ruling and opposition camps, was the first of ...