Aug 22, 2014

How WWII could have ended

by Gregory Clark

A Soviet attack on Japan proper leading to the destruction of the Emperor system and the establishment of a communist government frightened Japan's militarists even more than the atomic bombings at the end of World War II.

Aug 21, 2014

FBI warns health care companies they are being targeted by hackers

The FBI has warned that healthcare industry companies are being targeted by hackers, publicizing the issue following an attack on U.S. hospital group Community Health Systems Inc. that resulted in the theft of millions of patient records. “The FBI has observed malicious actors targeting ...

Berkshire Hathaway stock tops $200,000

Aug 15, 2014

Berkshire Hathaway stock tops $200,000

The stock price of Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway topped $200,000 for the first time Thursday. Class A shares of Berkshire jumped past the milestone to an all-time trading high of $201,740 Thursday morning. The shares have long been the most-expensive U.S. stock. Buffett has ...

Aug 13, 2014

Tokyo police putting sky marshals on Haneda-U.S. flights

Tokyo’s Metropolitan Police Department has begun deploying plainclothes officers carrying guns on direct flights between Tokyo International Airport at Haneda and the United States. Such undercover police officers masquerading as airplane passengers, known as sky marshals, were deployed on a trial basis in Japan ...

Aug 12, 2014

Obama goes back into Iraq

The airstrikes that President Barack Obama has authorized against the Islamic State in northern Iraq are being undertaken to avert genocide. But the only enduring answer to Iraq's problems is political, not military.

U.S. sending arms to Kurds in Iraq

Aug 11, 2014

U.S. sending arms to Kurds in Iraq

The Obama administration has begun directly providing weapons to Kurdish forces who have started to make gains against Islamic militants in northern Iraq, senior U.S. officials said Monday. Previously, the U.S. had insisted on only selling arms to the Iraqi government in Baghdad, but ...