Thai army ruler named prime minister

Aug 22, 2014

Thai army ruler named prime minister

Three months after overthrowing an elected government, Thailand’s junta leader is stepping out of his army uniform to take up the post of prime minister in a move critics say will prolong his rule and bolster the military’s grip on power. Thailand’s legislature voted ...

Aug 20, 2014

DNA of Japanese man in surrogacy case matches 12 babies in Thailand

Thai police said Wednesday that a DNA sample provided by a Japanese businessman suspected of siring 12 surrogate babies in Thailand matches with all 12 infants, proving he is their biological father. A Thai representative of the 24-year-old businessman provided the DNA sample on ...

Aug 8, 2014

Thailand pushes to ban commercial surrogacy

Thailand pushed to ban commercial surrogacy Thursday as a case involving nine surrogate babies allegedly with the same Japanese father emerged just days after a furor over the alleged abandonment of a surrogate-born baby with Down syndrome. The discovery of the nine babies being ...