Jul 8, 2015

Japan hopes to see biofuel flights running by 2020 Tokyo Olympics

The Japanese government held the first session of a public-private panel on bio-jet fuel Tuesday, aiming to realize biofuel-powered commercial flights in Japan by the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. The panel comprising representatives from government agencies, including the Ministry of Economy, Trade ...

Handwriting isn't on the wall for fax machines

Jun 30, 2015

Handwriting isn't on the wall for fax machines

It may have slipped from its golden age into its golden years, but two decades into the Internet era the fax machine is still, perhaps surprisingly, holding its place in many offices. While it has been reduced to a small player in the rapidly ...

Drone-makers say demand will take off in Japan

May 20, 2015

Drone-makers say demand will take off in Japan


Despite a spate of headlines showing drone users to be reckless attention-seekers or outright dangerous, the industry believes the sky is the limit for demand for unmanned copters. Representatives attending Japan’s first major industry exhibition Wednesday said they expect the market for unmanned multirotor ...

Mar 25, 2015

Apple to build R&D facility in Yokohama

U.S. computer maker Apple Inc. plans to build a technology development facility at a former Panasonic Corp. plant site in Yokohama, Mayor Fumiko Hayashi said Wednesday. “Apple’s presence could trigger a virtuous cycle where new values and industries will be created,” she said at ...

Mar 24, 2015

Panasonic to open patents to speed development of 'Internet of Things'

Panasonic Corp. will make about 50 of its patents available for royalty-free use in the development of the “Internet of Things” — what the tech industry calls the network of interconnected devices — its North American subsidiary announced Monday. The Japanese electronics company said ...

Mar 12, 2015

China military aircraft to see tech 'breakthroughs' this year: Xinhua

Several types of large Chinese military aircraft will have “breakthroughs” this year after years of development, state media reported, as China pushes its territorial claims in the region. Its largest domestically made military transport aircraft, known as the Xi’an Y-20, “will be available for ...

Deregulation of robotics pushed to ease labor shortages

Jan 24, 2015

Deregulation of robotics pushed to ease labor shortages

The government has worked out an action plan that calls for promoting deregulation to expand the use of robot technology to ease labor shortages driven by Japan’s population decline. The action plan, drawn up Friday at a meeting chaired by Tamotsu Nomakuchi, a consultant ...