Xi meets Taiwan Kuomintang leader Chu in Beijing

May 5, 2015

Xi meets Taiwan Kuomintang leader Chu in Beijing

President Xi Jinping offered the head of Taiwan’s ruling Kuomintang on Monday “equal” talks to resolve their political differences, but only if Taiwan accepts it is part of China, a concept many Taiwanese balk at. Xi, in his role as head of China’s ruling ...

China's incredible shrinking factories

| Apr 17, 2015

China's incredible shrinking factories

by Alexandra Harney

Eight years ago, Pascal Lighting employed about 2,000 workers on a leafy campus in southern China. Today, the Taiwanese light manufacturer has winnowed its workforce to just 200 and leased most of its space to other companies: lamp workshops, a mobile phone-maker, a logistics ...

Apr 14, 2015

Government calls Taiwan's food-labeling move 'regrettable'

by Reiji Yoshida

The government on Tuesday called Taiwan’s plan to tighten regulations on Japanese food imports because of fears of radioactive contamination “extremely regrettable.” The top government spokesman called on Taipei to use what he called “scientific findings” in drafting its rules. “So far we have ...

Apr 13, 2015

China rejects Taiwan's bid to become AIIB founding member

Taiwan is not able to become a founding member of the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank but is still welcome to become an ordinary member in the future, the Chinese government said on Monday. In a statement carried by the official Xinhua news agency, ...