Nov 17, 2015

Russia's culture of sports cheating

There can be no meaningful athletic competition when athletes can systematically cheat. Until Russia can provide assurances that its athletes are clean, they should be banned from international competition.

'Superhuman' sports showcased at Tokyo expo

Oct 22, 2015

'Superhuman' sports showcased at Tokyo expo


Ever wanted to play at being superhuman? Games-players can now feel what it is like to have superpowers of a sort — and tights are optional. A Tokyo exhibition centering on the concept of superhuman sports is offering participants a chance to overcome the ...

Mar 26, 2015

North Korea leader urges 'guerrilla-style' tactics in sport

North Korea’s young leader Kim Jong Un has urged his nation’s athletes to adopt “guerrila-style” tactics in an effort to boost their underwhelming impact on the global sporting stage. In a letter to a national meeting of sportspeople and officials, Kim, who is known ...