Don't text 'beer' in Korea: Words that trigger teen alerts

May 19, 2015

Don't text 'beer' in Korea: Words that trigger teen alerts

“Smart Relief” is a mobile app for parental control of Android smartphones. South Korea’s government funded the app, which alerts parents to possible bullying based on its monitoring of phrases and words used in smartphone messages and in online searches. The developer says it ...

May 18, 2015

Kerry says North Korea far from resuming talks with U.S.

US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday that recent North Korean “provocations” showed it was nowhere near taking the steps necessary for a resumption of denuclearization talks with Washington. Speaking at a news conference in the South Korean capital, Kerry also condemned “grotesque” ...

May 13, 2015

South Korean soldier's shooting spree leaves two dead

A soldier in South Korea’s reserves went on a shooting spree Wednesday, killing a fellow soldier and injuring three comrades before shooting himself dead, a military official said. The incident will spur questions over the country’s rules on compulsory military service at a time ...