Dec 25, 2014

Sierra Leone bans Christmas parties amid Ebola menace

Alice Marke and her family aren’t celebrating Christmas the way they used to: The deadly Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone means no festive parties at the beach, no carolers singing at night. Authorities this year have banned any activities that could further the spread ...

Sierra Leone urges safe burials to stem Ebola

Dec 22, 2014

Sierra Leone urges safe burials to stem Ebola

The radio announcement is chilling and blunt: “If I die, I want the deaths to stop with me.” Dr. Desmond Williams continues: “I want to give my family the permission to request a safe and dignified, medical burial for me.” The announcement is part ...

Health teams scour Sierra Leone capital in Ebola drive

Dec 18, 2014

Health teams scour Sierra Leone capital in Ebola drive

Health workers in Sierra Leone began combing the streets of Freetown for Ebola patients on Wednesday, moving house-to-house as the government launched a major operation to contain infections in West Africa’s worst-hit country. President Ernest Bai Koroma said on national television that, as part ...

Dec 12, 2014

Sierra Leone president makes Ebola plea to tribal chiefs

Sierra Leone’s president implored the country’s traditional leaders on Thursday to stop cultural practices that have been blamed for spreading Ebola, like burials that involve touching corpses. Officials have said up to 70 percent of new infections in Sierra Leone are linked to unsafe ...

Dec 12, 2014

Sierra Leone locks down new Ebola hotspot in the east

Authorities in Sierra Leone have imposed a two-week lockdown in the eastern district of Kono after health workers uncovered a surge of Ebola infections in the area where the epidemic was thought to be largely under control. The worst outbreak of Ebola on record ...

Dec 9, 2014

Sierra Leone junior doctors strike for better Ebola care

Junior doctors in Sierra Leone went on strike Monday to demand better treatment for health workers who become infected with Ebola, a health official said. The association representing junior doctors asked the government to make sure life-saving equipment, like dialysis machines, is available to ...

Dec 8, 2014

Ebola claims 10th doctor in Sierra Leone

A 10th doctor has died after contracting Ebola in Sierra Leone, the government said on Sunday, increasing alarm over the safety of medics battling the deadly epidemic. Aiah Solomon Konoyima’s death late on Saturday at an Ebola treatment unit in Hastings, near Freetown, came ...

Dec 5, 2014

Ugandan doctor cured of Ebola in German hospital

A Ugandan doctor who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone has been cured and released from a German hospital after seven weeks of intensive treatment, the clinic in Frankfurt said Thursday. The employee of an Italian charity had been hospitalised on Oct. 3 in an ...

Sierra Leone doctor, 32, who got Ebola is not relenting

Dec 3, 2014

Sierra Leone doctor, 32, who got Ebola is not relenting

For eight weeks, Dr. Komba Songu-M’briwa worked at the understaffed Hastings Ebola Treatment Center outside Sierra Leone’s capital. When he began feeling sick, he thought it might be exhaustion but on Nov. 26 he got dreadful news: He had tested positive for Ebola. Songu-M’briwa ...

WHO: Sierra Leone's Ebola prognosis 'very good'

Dec 2, 2014

WHO: Sierra Leone's Ebola prognosis 'very good'

Sierra Leone does not yet have enough beds in treatment centers to isolate Ebola patients in the west of the country but the opening of many new facilities in the next few weeks makes its prognosis “very good,” the World Health Organization’s assistant director ...