Video shows trouserless captain fleeing ferry

Apr 29, 2014

Video shows trouserless captain fleeing ferry

South Korean Coast Guard officials on Monday released a video showing the trouserless captain of a sinking ferry scrambling to safety as hundreds of passengers remained trapped inside — a move expected to intensify criticism of the crew over the disaster. The 10-minute video ...

| Apr 26, 2014

Asian paradox: Closer but cooler

by Jeff Kingston

The mini-Cold War between Japan and South Korea has kept Washington busy as it tries to forge closer security ties between its allies to offset the rise of China. Policymakers confront the Asian paradox of deepening distrust and conflict in tandem with widening economic ...

Apr 14, 2014

Forgery probe clears South Korean spy chief

South Korean prosecutors concluded Monday that the head of the national spy agency was not involved in the fabrication of evidence in an alleged espionage case. The National Intelligence Service has been accused of forging documents — including Chinese border control records — to ...