Oct 2, 2016

Kashmir again on the boil

India needs to maintain its restraint over Kashmir, but the backers of violence there must pay a price for their support of terrorism.

Sep 30, 2016

Holding Pakistan to account


Pakistan's military must be brought under full civilian control and its links to all Islamist militants — including those directed against India and nurtured as such by the military-intelligence complex — severed.

With more than 80 dead, Kashmiris warn India over crackdown

Sep 30, 2016

With more than 80 dead, Kashmiris warn India over crackdown

Simmering anger over India’s crackdown on 10 weeks of protests in Kashmir risks drawing more young people to radical rebellion, demonstrators and security officials warn, as the sense of despair and alienation from New Delhi deepens. In the worst unrest in the disputed Himalayan ...

Sep 17, 2016

Pakistan may be building new nuclear site, analysts say

Pakistan, estimated to have the world’s fastest-growing nuclear stockpile, could be building a new uranium enrichment complex, according to commercial satellite imagery analyzed by Western defense experts. The construction of a new site, based in the town of Kahuta 30 kilometers (19 miles) east ...