California farmers forced to use oil wells' wastewater

Jul 3, 2015

California farmers forced to use oil wells' wastewater

AFP-JIJI An efficient solution to a historic drought, or an environmentally risky pact with the devil? That is the question raised by California farmers who are irrigating their crops with wastewater supplied by oil companies, in an arrangement slammed as dangerous by environmental campaigners. ...

Jun 26, 2015

Refiner JX Holdings to diversify after oil prices fall

JX Holdings Inc., Japan’s biggest refiner, will cut spending by almost 25 percent as part of a three-year plan that will also see the company try to counter the decline in oil prices with a shift away from oil-based products. JX, which currently gets ...

Jun 19, 2015

Big injections of wastewater trigger quakes: study

The more oil and gas companies pump their saltwater waste into the ground, and the faster they do it, the more they have triggered earthquakes in the central United States, a massive new study found. An unprecedented recent jump in quakes in America’s heartland ...

Jun 18, 2015

USDA program promotes products such as plant-based bottles

A program designed to promote ethanol and biodiesel fuels will be expanded to companies using plant-based plastic, rubber and fiber in manufacturing products such as bottles and packaging, the U.S. Agriculture Department said on Wednesday. The USDA is proposing to add manufacturers of these ...

Trade deficit shrank 76.5% in May compared with year earlier

Jun 17, 2015

Trade deficit shrank 76.5% in May compared with year earlier

The trade deficit shrank 76.5 percent in May from a year earlier to ¥216.0 billion as declining crude oil prices continued to push down imports, the government said Wednesday. But the trade balance remained in the red for the second consecutive month, due partly ...

Jun 8, 2015

Current account logs surplus for 10th month straight

Japan posted a current account surplus for the 10th consecutive month in April, as declining crude oil prices pushed down imports and the weaker yen boosted income from abroad. The surplus stood at ¥1.326 trillion ($10.56 billion), the largest in five years for the ...