Jan 5, 2015

Etihad passengers complain of 12-hour wait on tarmac

Hundreds of air travelers landed in San Francisco, safe but irritated after a 28-hour overseas flight they say included 12 hours on a tarmac in the Middle East without food or accurate flight information. Tempers grew short on Etihad Airlines Flight 183 when fog ...

Dec 12, 2014

A rude awakening for America

by William Pfaff

The American pivot to Asia was the product of people in Washington who only think in terms of military power — as in trying to annex Ukraine and Georgia to NATO and the EU. There are new ways of thinking in China and even ...

Dec 5, 2014

Sony malware may be linked to other damaging attacks

Cybersecurity researchers have uncovered what they say is technical evidence linking the massive breach at Sony Corp.’s Hollywood studio with attacks in South Korea and the Middle East. Moscow-based security software maker Kaspersky Lab said Thursday it uncovered evidence that all three campaigns might ...

Western nations' mastery

Oct 31, 2014

Western nations' mastery

by William Pfaff

A British scholar and former wartime army intelligence officer will tell you that there's nothing new about Islamic State, that it is in no way integral to the Islamic religion, and that it is a phenomenon that will pass.