Dec 29, 2015

LDP takes aim at modern history

Does the LDP plan to use the panel to push a revisionist view of Japan's modern history and lay the groundwork for a revision of the Constitution?

Dec 27, 2015

Cabinet see support rating rise to 49.4%

The support rating for the Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stands at 49.4 percent, up 1.1 points from the previous survey carried out in November, an opinion poll said Sunday. The Cabinet’s disapproval rating meanwhile stood at 38.2 percent, down 2.2 points. In ...

Dec 23, 2015

Japan's ruling LDP forms group to review modern history

Japan’s ruling party on Tuesday launched a study group to review its modern history, amid reports it may take up contentious regional issues including the Nanking Massacre, which Tokyo is accused of playing down. The group “is aimed at studying historical events after the ...