Sep 1, 2015

Japanese firms find ready, fluent workforce in Paraguay

Descendants of Japanese immigrants in Paraguay are drawing the attention of Japanese companies that have entered, or hope to enter, the South American country. With many young descendants fluent in Japanese, companies are looking at them as a reliable workforce. “It is easy to ...

July job availability best in over 23 years

Aug 28, 2015

July job availability best in over 23 years

Job availability across the country improved to its highest level in over 23 years and the unemployment rate fell to 3.3 percent in July, the government said Friday, signaling that companies are willing to hire more workers. The ratio of job offers to seekers ...

Aug 14, 2015

How smuggled workers power 'Made in China'


On a quiet river bend on the China-Vietnam border, a group of people clambered up a muddy bank. They had just glided across the river from the Vietnamese side in a longboat, guided by men on both banks signaling with flashlights. The passengers scurried ...