Jun 28, 2014

Could Kim be ready to declare war over a movie?

by William Pesek

Asian geopolitics may never be the same now that Kim Jong Un has Seth Rogen and James Franco in his cross hairs. Their new comedy, “The Interview,” centers on a plot to assassinate Kim. The baby-faced dictator with the awful haircut doesn’t see the ...

North Korea claims 'breakthrough' guided missile tested successfully

Jun 27, 2014

North Korea claims 'breakthrough' guided missile tested successfully

North Korea announced Friday the successful test of a high-precision, tactical guided missile, and its army threatened a “devastating” retaliation against South Korea for carrying out live fire drills near their maritime border. The launch of the “cutting-edge” missile was watched by North Korean ...

May 31, 2014

Kim Jong Il ordered improved ties

Former North Korean leader Kim Jong Il, who died in December 2011, issued an order in July 2007 to seek improved relations with Japan, and the instruction was conveyed in 2012 to a key official in the Democratic Party of Japan-led government, a diplomatic ...