Poverty turns Seoul seniors into subway couriers

| Dec 17, 2016

Poverty turns Seoul seniors into subway couriers

Cho Yong-moon, 75, spends nine hours a day, five days a week using his free pass on the Seoul subway to shuttle parcels among clothing and jewelry stores. With pension payments falling short of living costs for many of the elderly, he is among ...

Dec 14, 2016

South Korea's youth unemployment rate rises to record high

South Korea’s youth unemployment rate rose to a record high in November, following political protests that paralyzed the government and led parliament to vote to impeach the president. The unadjusted jobless rate for people aged 25 to 29 rose to 8.2 percent in November, ...

Dec 13, 2016

Japan firms employ record 474,000 people with disabilities

The number of workers with disabilities at private companies as of June 1 rose 4.7 percent from a year earlier to 474,374, hitting a record high for the 13th straight year, the labor ministry said in a survey report. These workers accounted for 1.92 ...