/ Jan 10, 2017

Nearsightedness a cost of academic excellence


Vision problems in children take many forms. But the likely condition in Japan and the United States is nearsightedness as a result of a combination of genes, behavior and environment.Students in Japan with 20/20 vision, which is considered ideal, constituted just 31.4 percent of ...

/ Jan 9, 2017

Japan's zero growth nightmare


It’s the rare economic tale that involves suicides, robots and arms dealers. Welcome to Japan, where science fiction may begin to trump economic fact in ways the global audience has yet to realize.That’s not what the financial headlines suggest. As the press put 2016 ...

/ Jan 8, 2017

East Asia in the Trump era


What might happen to U.S. foreign policy, in particular its alliance in East Asia, under the leadership of incoming President Donald Trump? Japan faces an increasingly complex security landscape in East Asia. The Trump presidency could make it more uncertain and more unpredictable.First, North ...