Apr 14, 2015

Japan emissions up 1.2% in FY 2013: report

Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions increased by 1.2 percent in fiscal 2013 to the second-highest level on record as ongoing nuclear plant shutdowns placed greater reliance on coal-fired power generation, the Environment Ministry said in a report. The report released Tuesday showed emissions of carbon ...

Apr 12, 2015

Get ambitious on emissions cuts

The government should aim for ambitious plans to cut Japan's emissions that would compare favorably with the targets set by other advanced economies.

Ice around Antarctica shrank by almost 20%: study

Mar 27, 2015

Ice around Antarctica shrank by almost 20%: study

The ice floating around Antarctica has thinned by nearly 20 percent, according to research published Thursday, depleting the bulwark that prevents the permanent collapse of glaciers covering the southern continent. The study, based on satellite measurements between 1994 and 2012 by the European Space ...

Feb 20, 2015

Cabinet proposes $1.5 billion for U.N. climate fund

The Cabinet of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe gave the go-ahead Friday to a bill that would provide up to $1.5 billion to a U.N.-backed fund aimed at assisting developing countries in combating climate change. Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida expressed willingness to “take a leading ...

Urban heat waves getting worse, study confirms

Feb 7, 2015

Urban heat waves getting worse, study confirms

Urban heat waves have become more frequent over the past 40 years, scientists reported on Jan. 30. A weather database of cities around the world reveals “significant” increases in periods of extremely hot days and falls in the number of cold days, they found. ...