WWI Belgian gas attack anniversary marked

Apr 19, 2015

WWI Belgian gas attack anniversary marked

by Raf Casert

As a spring breeze wafted into his trench, commander Georges Lamour of the French 73rd Infantry saw something almost surreal drift his way: A yellow-green cloud. He barely had time to react. “All my trenches are choked,” Lamour cried into the field telephone to ...

Apr 16, 2015

Germany's Merkel urged Japan to join AIIB: sources

German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Japan to join the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank as a founding member, Japanese government sources said Wednesday. The sources said Merkel made the request during a telephone conversation with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on April 1. Abe ...

German Nobelist Gunter Grass dies at 87

Apr 14, 2015

German Nobelist Gunter Grass dies at 87

Germany’s Nobel-winning author, Gunter Grass, who acted as a moral compass for many in the postwar nation but later provoked criticism over his own World War II past, died Monday aged 87, his publishers said. The writer, one of Germany’s most influential if controversial ...

Apr 8, 2015

German official slams Greek demands for WWII reparations as 'stupid'

Germany’s economy minister branded Greece’s demand for €278.7 billion in reparations from World War II as “stupid” on Tuesday, while the German opposition said Berlin should repay a forced loan dating from the Nazi occupation. Greek Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas made the demand ...

Apr 7, 2015

Greek minister: Stunning evidence for German war reparations

Greece’s defense minister says the country has obtained “stunning evidence” to support its massive claims for World War II reparations from Germany. Panos Kammenos, in remarks made at the ministry Monday and published Tuesday, said Greece had obtained records held by the U.S. military ...

Apr 5, 2015

EU found 'issues' with German aviation regulator

A European regulator found “issues” with Germany’s aviation authority in a regular review of air safety enforcement, the European Commission said on Saturday. Its statement did not say when the review was carried out, but the Wall Street Journal said the commission told Berlin ...

Germanwings copilot increased speed as jet went down

Apr 4, 2015

Germanwings copilot increased speed as jet went down

The pilot at the controls of a Germanwings jet that crashed in the French Alps accelerated the plane into the mountainside, killing all 150 people on board, according to French investigators. France’s BEA crash investigation agency declined to confirm growing evidence against the copilot ...