Jul 22, 2014

British far-right leader steps down

Nick Griffin has stepped down as leader of the British National Party, the far-right group announced Monday, following disastrous results at the European Parliament elections. Griffin, 55, stepped aside at a party leadership meeting after nearly 15 years in charge of the anti-immigration group, ...

Jun 6, 2014

Bar association to lobby embassies on death penalty abolition

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations said Friday it will step up consultations with the European Union on abolishing capital punishment and will work to encourage public debate. The Japanese criminal justice system came under negative global scrutiny this year when a death-row inmate ...

EU weighs future after poll shock

May 31, 2014

EU weighs future after poll shock

by Thibauld Malterre

The rise of populist and right-wing parties that made sweeping gains in the European elections points to the need for the EU to reinvent itself, analysts say. The nationalist shock vote on Sunday saw Eurosceptic parties in Britain, France and Denmark emerge as front-runners, ...

Mar 7, 2014

What happens now in Ukraine?

by William Pfaff

The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe sounds precisely like the organization to sort out the Ukraine crisis and underwrite an impartial solution — if U.S. President Barack Obama is willing to accept its mediation.