Is EU ready to actually change?

| Jul 5, 2014

Is EU ready to actually change?

After six decades of relentless — if incremental — integration, might the European Union be about to go into reverse? The “ever-closer union” enshrined in EU treaties since 1957 no longer looks so assured after a voter backlash in May’s European Parliament elections and ...

A life of lettuce has its benefits

| Jun 28, 2014

A life of lettuce has its benefits

by Michael Hoffman

Lettuce. Let us raise a glass to lettuce. There’s a village in Nagano Prefecture called Kawakami — nothing, nowhere little place, deep in the mountains, far from the main road, population 3,960. Why does Shukan Gendai magazine devote three full pages to profiling it? ...

May 22, 2014

Risks for the economy

Japan's gross domestic product for January-March increases by a higher-than-expected 1.5 percent from the previous quarter, driven partly by last-minute purchases by consumers ahead of the three-percentage-point hike in the consumption tax April 1.

As births fall, economies may falter

May 8, 2014

As births fall, economies may falter

by Bernard Condon

Nancy Strumwasser, a New Jersey high school teacher, always thought she would have two children. But the layoffs that swept over the U.S. economy around the time her son was born six years ago helped change her mind. Though she and her husband, a ...

Apr 17, 2014

Tokyo downgrades economy as consumer confidence slumps

Consumer confidence fell in March to the lowest level since August 2011, and the government cut its economic assessment for the first time in 17 months, as the April 1 consumption tax hike sapped the public’s spending power. The reading of 37.5, down from ...