Apr 9, 2014

IMF trims GDP projections for Japan in 2014

The International Monetary Fund cut its annual growth forecast for Japan on Tuesday, singling out the country as the only major advanced economy to have its growth projections cut. Fallout from the April 1 consumption tax hike was cited as the reason for the ...

Mar 12, 2014

OECD says growth in advanced economies is gaining momentum

Economic growth is gaining momentum in the United States, Europe and other advanced countries despite temporary setbacks, the OECD said Tuesday. Smaller government spending cuts and fewer tax increases this year should boost growth in most developed countries, according to the international organization. Households ...

Mar 12, 2014

Government panel urges cut in corporate tax

A government tax panel called Wednesday for a corporate tax cut in an attempt to boost foreign investment despite budgetary constraints, according to a statement presented by its chief, Hiroko Ota. Ota, a former finance minister who heads the panel, which has been newly ...

Jan 22, 2014

IMF upgrades global, Japan growth outlook

The International Monetary Fund upgraded its economic outlooks for the world and Japan in 2014 on the back of an overall recovery in advanced economies. In a revision to its biannual World Economic Outlook report, the IMF on Tuesday raised the expected growth rate ...

Jan 17, 2014

Global economic prospects

As the world watches for signs of stable global economic growth this year, Japan should be ready to take remedial measures for its own economy if the consumption tax increase in April causes negative effects.

Jan 13, 2014

Boosting the global economy

by Christine Lagarde

Although we have avoided the worst-case depressioin scenario over the past five years, thanks to the efforts of global policymakers, the world economy is not yet flying on all engines and is likely to remain underpowered this year as well, says the IMF managing ...

Dec 16, 2013

GDP estimate to be raised to 1.3% for 2014

The government will forecast annual economic growth of around 1.3 percent in price-adjusted real terms for fiscal 2014, informed sources say. The new estimate, to be announced later this month, will be an improvement on the more pessimistic projection of 1.0 percent growth issued ...

Nov 22, 2013

Economy managed to stay above water

The economy treaded water in November, thanks to steadily growing demand, but exports weakened for the third consecutive month amid signs that emerging economies are slowing, the government said Friday. The downgrade to exports, which fell 0.6 percent in the quarter through September, was ...

Nov 8, 2013

Economy in U.S. up by 2.8% in quarter

The U.S. economy grew an annualized real 2.8 percent in the third quarter of 2013, beating the average market estimate on the back of strong residential investment and exports, Commerce Department data showed Thursday. The overall growth in terms of inflation-adjusted gross domestic product ...