Dec 31, 2015

U.S. downplayed evidence of abuses in Chinese detention camps

After China abolished a notorious penal system based on forced labor in December 2013, the United States rewarded Beijing by removing the world’s most populous country from a global blacklist of countries that are failing to combat modern-day slavery. Shutting the detention camps had ...

Australia police find locked-up boy during drug raid

Dec 24, 2015

Australia police find locked-up boy during drug raid

Australian police voiced shock Thursday after discovering an 8-year-old boy locked up in a shed with only a mattress and a bucket at an elaborate underground drug-growing compound. The boy and three other children — all aged between 1 and 9 — were found ...

Colombian leader Santos signs off on medical marijuana

Dec 23, 2015

Colombian leader Santos signs off on medical marijuana

President Juan Manuel Santos signed a decree Tuesday legalizing and regulating medical marijuana, the latest softening of Colombia’s hard-line tactics in the war on drugs. In a nationally televised address, Santos announced it will be fully legal to grow, process, import and export cannabis ...

Dec 19, 2015

Drug overdose deaths surge across U.S.

Drug overdose deaths have surged across the U.S. to the highest level since at least 1970, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC released the overall tally a week ago. On Friday it provided more details, including numbers for individual ...

Dec 18, 2015

Canadian man kills Brit in psychedelic ceremony in Peru's Amazon

A Canadian killed a Briton after the two men took a hallucinogenic plant brew known as ayahuasca together at a spiritual retreat in the Peruvian Amazon, authorities said Thursday. Witnesses told police the Canadian man, 29-year-old Joshua Andrew Freeman Stevens, killed the British man, ...