Mar 15, 2016

Spanish police arrest 30 accused of robbing drug traffickers

Spanish police arrested 30 people accused of robbing, kidnapping and torturing drug traffickers, the Interior Ministry said on Monday. Police detained 21 Moroccans, eight Spaniards and one person from Senegal and are investigating another five people, it said. Those detained are accused of fixing ...

Mar 6, 2016

Clan Usuga drug kingpin killed in Colombia

The top leader of the powerful Clan Usuga gang was killed in a police raid, authorities said Saturday, in another major blow to Colombia’s most important gang. “Body blow to the Clan Usaga gang. Alias Lorenzo taken out in Uraba. Top gang leader and ...

Pope urges Mexico to tame drugs mayhem

Feb 14, 2016

Pope urges Mexico to tame drugs mayhem

Pope Francis urged Mexico’s political and religious leaders to take on drug violence on Saturday, calling for “true justice” and “prophetic courage” against the scourge afflicting the country. The Argentine-born pontiff used his visit at the National Palace and the capital’s cathedral to send ...