Sep 9, 2014

Resentment simmering inside Liberia's 'Ebola jail town'

Trapped since officials placed them in quarantine two weeks ago, the residents of Dolo Town are becoming increasingly resentful over their incarceration in Liberia’s open “Ebola jail.” Around 17,000 increasingly hungry residents in the settlement, close to the international airport, are forced to line ...

Aug 29, 2014

Intractable disease list grows by 100 in subsidy push

A health ministry panel has designated 110 illnesses as intractable diseases, expanding the number of patients who will qualify for medical subsidies under a law enacted in May. After gathering public opinion, the ministry plans to finalize the designations in October and issue subsidies ...

Jul 11, 2014

Pros and cons of genetic testing

More and more nonmedical companies are offering genetic testing services that inform people of their risks of developing cancer, diabetes and other diseases, but customers often don't understand the limits of such tests. Nor do they know what providers may do with such personal ...

Crippled FDR seen in home movie

May 17, 2014

Crippled FDR seen in home movie

Rare film footage showing President Franklin D. Roosevelt walking to his seat at a baseball game helps dispel claims that he persistently tried to hide his disability and shows the courage it took to go about his daily life, experts said Friday. The clip ...

Court: Exec guilty over faulty French implants

Dec 11, 2013

Court: Exec guilty over faulty French implants

A disgraced French businessman was convicted of fraud and sentenced to four years in prison on Tuesday for filling tens of thousands of breast implants with industrial grade silicone. But he left the courthouse freely after lodging an appeal, and thousands of women will ...