Jan 8, 2015

A crucial test for the DPJ

The priority for the Democratic Party of Japan, which kicked off the race this week to choose its new leader Jan. 18, is to rebuild itself into a force that can, either on its own or through mergers or alliances with other parties, once ...

Renho aims to run for DPJ president

Dec 24, 2014

Renho aims to run for DPJ president

Former government revitalization minister Renho, who goes by just one name, said Wednesday she aims to run in the Democratic Party of Japan’s presidential election next month. “I will certainly try (to join the race),” the former television personality told reporters. But she said ...

DPJ reshuffle may not lift party's fortunes

| Sep 18, 2014

DPJ reshuffle may not lift party's fortunes

Although the Democratic Party of Japan has shaken up its leadership, its chances of revival remain uncertain, political observers say. Launching the new team this week, DPJ President Banri Kaieda gave some key roles to individuals who have criticized his performance, in a bid ...

Apr 27, 2014

Politicians running in place


Today, there's not so much political competition in Japan between the ruling and opposition camps as there is among opposition parties seeking to ally themselves with the ruling camp. Have individual lawmakers become less willing to take risks by speaking up?

Feb 16, 2014

Now Kaieda must deliver

The head of the Democratic Party of Japan says the party will fiercely confront the Abe administration, which he called a "raging horse," to push politics aimed at protecting people's lives and jobs.