U.S. deploys advanced missile defense ship to Japan

Oct 19, 2015

U.S. deploys advanced missile defense ship to Japan


The United States deployed one of its most advanced ballistic missile defense warships to Japan on Monday as part of the Obama administration’s rebalance toward the Asia-Pacific region. The USS Benfold berthed at Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture, where it joins seven other destroyers. Its missions ...

Oct 16, 2015

Japan, South Korea defense chiefs to meet in Seoul

Defense Minister Gen Nakatani will make a three-day visit to Seoul from Tuesday that will include talks with his South Korean counterpart on the day of his arrival, the South’s Defense Ministry said Friday. Nakatani will be the first Japanese defense minister to visit ...

Aug 22, 2015

Iran shows off new, more accurate Fateh-313 surface-to-surface missile

Iran has unveiled a short-range solid fuel ballistic missile, an upgraded version, that the government says can more accurately pinpoint targets. The surface-to-surface Fateh-313, or Conqueror, was put on display Saturday at a ceremony marking Defense Industry Day and attended by President Hassan Rouhani. ...