Main construction of Yanba Dam kicks off after 63-year wait

Jan 22, 2015

Main construction of Yanba Dam kicks off after 63-year wait

The central government has started work on the main part of the Yanba Dam in Gunma Prefecture, marking a milestone 63 years after the controversial project was first proposed. A consortium comprising Shimizu Corp. , Tekken Corp. and IHI Infrastructure Systems Co. initiated blasting ...

Oct 22, 2014

Problems found at 201 river flood control dams across Japan

Japan’s Board of Audit said it has found problems with 201 flood-control dams on creeks and rivers across the country, which could make them ineffective in a crisis. The board urged the land ministry to take steps to resolve the problems, noting that some ...

Sep 12, 2014

Co-opt the water hegemon


The vast majority of the 57 transnational river basins in continental Asia have no water-sharing arrangement or any other cooperative mechanism — a troubling reality amid the already strained political relations in several Asian sub-regions.

Jul 9, 2013

Kanto may face water shortage


The early end to this year’s rainy season has put the Kanto region at risk of a water shortage this summer, with record-low water levels reported Tuesday at dams along the Tone River, the government is warning. Total water reserves at eight dams along ...