Retailer gets 'cute' with Singapore

Feb 18, 2014

Retailer gets 'cute' with Singapore

by Siti Rahil

Japanese fashion brand and retailer Satisfaction Guaranteed has launched the sale of “kawaii,” or cute, merchandise usually associated with Japan, through high-tech digital vending machines in Singapore. “Singapore will . . . be the first country outside of Japan to have this intelligent digital ...

Fund plans Southeast Asia stores to pitch Japan

Dec 17, 2013

Fund plans Southeast Asia stores to pitch Japan

A public-private fund is planning to open stores in major Southeast Asian cities to sell products related to Japanese culture. The plan involves renting parts of large-scale commercial facilities or buying entire buildings, Nobuyuki Ota, chief executive officer of Cool Japan Fund Inc., said. ...

South Korea key rival wooing ASEAN tourists

Dec 12, 2013

South Korea key rival wooing ASEAN tourists

In an effort to compete better with South Korea in drawing tourists from Southeast Asia, Japan has been stepping up exports of pop culture content to the region and easing visa requirements for people there. A weakening of the yen is also boosting Japan’s ...

Dec 11, 2013

Foreign visitors to exceed goal of 10 million

Japan is likely to achieve its goal of drawing 10 million foreign travelers in 2013 as government data showed Wednesday that the number of foreign visitors totaled about 9.5 million between January and November. Foreign travelers in the 11 months totaled 9,499,300, up 23.9 ...

| Oct 26, 2013

Branding Japan: Not always onward and upward

by Jeff Kingston

Branding is not an exact science. Take for example the recent campaign by Fukushima Industries to launch a new consumer-friendly corporate mascot. Perhaps braving the possibility of a lawsuit from Tokyo Electric Power Co. (Tepco) over infringement of intellectual- property rights, the Osaka-based appliance ...

Aug 25, 2013

Two big banks commit to funding 'Cool Japan' cultural export project

Mizuho Bank and Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank will invest in a public-private “Cool Japan” fund designed to promote exports of cultural assets, including animated movies and traditional craft work. By providing financial support, the two banks hope to aid the spread of Japanese goods ...