Nov 26, 2013

Parents to sue in bullied son's death

The parents of a 17-year-old high school student who committed suicide last year said Monday they will file a damages suit against his classmates and teachers, arguing their son’s death was caused by school bullying. They will seek roughly ¥88 million in compensation in ...

Gay Russian teens face life in closet

Sep 3, 2013

Gay Russian teens face life in closet

Like other gay teenagers in Russia, Maxim Moiseyev grappled with his identity alone, frightened and uninformed. Adults either ignored him or admonished him. Classmates reviled him. And a new law that forbids minors from hearing anything positive about homosexuality has only made life harder. ...

Media must take a stand against trolls

| Aug 31, 2013

Media must take a stand against trolls

by Philip Brasor

We live in an age of contention, when any comment can spark righteous indignation. Nominally conservative or progressive viewpoints become meaningless when every response is reactionary. This situation supposedly arose along with the Internet, which provides an unmediated outlet for every voice. Traditional media ...

Aug 25, 2013

Lawyers to support bullying victims

A nationwide group of lawyers with expertise in school bullying will be established this year to better support victims, a source said Sunday. Yoshikuni Noguchi, a lawyer in Hyogo Prefecture, said he and other lawyers will hold a preparatory meeting in Nagoya later this ...

Jul 3, 2013

Taking a stand against bullying

It is deplorable that the opposition DPJ blew a chance to pass a power industry reform bill because it was too busy playing politics against the prime minister.

Jun 11, 2013

Tokyo ward to introduce system to report bullying

Tokyo’s Shinagawa Ward will soon set up websites for all of its 15 public junior high schools to receive reports and inquiries from students about bullying, officials said Monday. The move comes after a 12-year-old at a ward-run junior high school committed suicide last ...