Oct 19, 2016

Risk of miscarriages linked to mutations in gene

Scientists said Wednesday they had linked mutations in a specific gene with an increased risk of recurrent miscarriages, offering hopes of better diagnosis and treatment for affected women. The gene, dubbed FOXD1, was first pinpointed in lab mice, a team of international researchers wrote ...

Scientists collect deep-sea life off Hawaii

Oct 8, 2016

Scientists collect deep-sea life off Hawaii


Federal researchers have just returned from an expedition to study the biodiversity and mechanisms of an unusually rich deep-sea ecosystem off the coast of Hawaii’s Big Island. Scientists with the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said in a telephone interview that the abundance ...

Oct 4, 2016

Study reveals Asian ancestry of Pacific Islanders

Ancient DNA has revealed the first inhabitants of Vanuatu and Tonga came from Asia, not other Oceanic populations as has long been assumed, a study published Tuesday found. The study sheds light on the last great human migration into unpopulated lands, when a people ...

Color of 'cute' bristly dinosaur deciphered

Sep 16, 2016

Color of 'cute' bristly dinosaur deciphered

Scientists guided by small structures preserved in fossilized skin have deciphered the color and camouflage pattern of a little dinosaur with a parrot-like beak and bristles on its tail that roamed thick forests in China about 120 million years ago. Psittacosaurus was mainly brown ...