Sony unveils wearable SmartBand Talk in Berlin

Sep 4, 2014

Sony unveils wearable SmartBand Talk in Berlin

Sony Corp. has unveiled new wearable technologies including the SmartBand Talk, a wristwatch-style gadget with a curved display that allows hands-free calling and voice-controlled operation while recording your daily data, including exercise stats. Sony unveiled the product Wednesday at the IFA consumer electronics show ...

After25 seeks music ties for Tokyo, Berlin

Feb 25, 2014

After25 seeks music ties for Tokyo, Berlin

by Mike Sunda

From Vincent Van Gogh’s ukiyo-e inspired paintings to novelist Natsume Soseki’s period of studies in the United Kingdom, Tokyo has long cultivated intercity relations with the likes of Paris and London through the mediums of art and literature. However, when it comes to linking ...

Jan 22, 2014

Germany gets taste of Amami 'kokuto shochu'

A small trade fair was held in Berlin this week to promote “shochu” distilled spirits made from “kokuto” brown sugar, a specialty of the remote Amami Islands in Kagoshima Prefecture. It was the first organized attempt to promote kokuto shochu overseas. The government allows ...

Jan 9, 2013

New Berlin airport delayed yet again

The opening of Berlin’s new main airport has been postponed indefinitely after several previous delays, Mayor Klaus Wowereit said Monday, in a fresh blow for the German capital and its top official. Wowereit said the “opening date of Oct. 27 this year can no ...

Jun 10, 2012

Exporting 'Japanland'

The government’s Cool Japan strategy of promoting the country abroad has taken another step as the trade ministry plans to recreate trendy districts of Tokyo in cities across the globe. The plan is aimed at promoting Japan and encouraging exports by organizing areas for ...