Dec 13, 2013

China pilots to learn smog landings

Chinese aviation authorities will soon require captains of domestic flights into Beijing to master low-visibility landings to combat chronic flight delays that have been worsened by heavy smog. Beijing Capital International Airport, China’s busiest, has the worst record for flight delays of any major ...

Chinese police arrest five Muslims in Tiananmen Gate attack

Oct 30, 2013

Chinese police arrest five Muslims in Tiananmen Gate attack

Police announced the arrests Wednesday of five people in connection with this week’s suicide car crash in the heart of China’s capital, calling it a planned terror attack — Beijing’s first in recent history — and identifying the attackers as members of a Muslim ...

Hotel-style prison likely awaits Bo

Sep 22, 2013

Hotel-style prison likely awaits Bo

Fallen highflier Bo Xilai can expect hotel-style treatment at a jail for China’s political elite, where he will enjoy comfortable surroundings but be constantly monitored by government agents, former prisoners say. Hidden in wooded hills north of Beijing, guards stand outside the red gate ...

China on the rise manifested in newspaper's phallic HQ

May 5, 2013

China on the rise manifested in newspaper's phallic HQ

Unamused Chinese censors have been hard at work trying to stop people sniggering over the new Beijing headquarters of the People’s Daily newspaper, which bear a resemblance to a giant penis. Photos of the imposing tower, which is still under construction, had Internet users ...

Feb 8, 2013

Breaking past the tired old plot with Pyongyang

by Ralph Cossa

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. North Korea decides, for whatever reason, that it is time to once again challenge the international community by conducting missile and nuclear tests. It announces a “satellite launch” and proceeds, despite international condemnation and warnings of ...

Jan 28, 2013

Beijing show shines light on strained ties

A light showin Beijing directed by lighting designer Motoko Ishii kicked off optimistic discussions at the Japanese Embassy on Saturday. Admiring the computer-generated images were about 200 guests involved in Japan-China relations. Many expressed hope that cultural exchanges will help mend ties between Japan ...