Feb 19, 2015

2,100 Japanese sue Asahi Shimbun over 'comfort women' stories

More than 2,100 Japanese, including three living in the United States, filed a lawsuit against the Asahi Shimbun Co. on Wednesday, demanding that the newspaper publisher run advertisements in major U.S. and European dailies to apologize for its past stories about its “comfort women” ...

Feb 10, 2015

Former Asahi reporter files libel suit over 'comfort women' issue

A former Asahi Shimbun reporter filed a libel suit Tuesday against a journalist and three publishers, arguing that their articles erroneously claimed he fabricated a report on a former Korean “comfort woman.” In the suit filed with the Sapporo District Court, Takashi Uemura is ...

Jan 17, 2015

Asahi Shimbun investigating potential cyberattack

Major newspaper publisher Asahi Shimbun Co. said the discovery of 17 virus-infected computers indicates it has been the target of a cyberattack. On the night of Jan. 9, the 17 PCs were found to be transmitting data, including email, based on commands from an ...

The highlights of Japanese media in 2014

| Jan 3, 2015

The highlights of Japanese media in 2014


My choices for the most significant public phenomena of last year are associated with traditional media rather than the social kind, which isn’t to say these phenomena didn’t impact social media and vice versa, only that TV, newspapers and magazines still affect our perception ...

Dec 28, 2014

Using errors to advance agendas

An independent panel's findings on the Asahi Shimbun's retraction of a series of past articles on the "comfort women" issue offer important lessons to reporters, editors and newspaper management.