Jul 28, 2015

Stepping up the war on poverty

The emphasis on Japan's national interests in aid policy raises doubts if the nation can make meaningful contributions to eradicating poverty in the recipient countries.

Jul 11, 2015

Japan pledges additional $12 million for fight against Ebola

Japan on Friday pledged $11.95 million in additional assistance to West African countries fighting Ebola. Of the total, $10.40 million is intended for food aid and $1.55 million is for technical assistance, Parliamentary Vice Foreign Minister Kazuyuki Nakane said at the International Ebola Recovery ...

Jun 29, 2015

Israeli navy peacefully intercepts Gaza-bound ship

Israel’s navy intercepted a vessel attempting to breach a naval blockade of Gaza early Monday and was redirecting it to an Israeli port, the military and activists on board the ship said. The military said that after exhausting all diplomatic efforts, the government ordered ...

War-ravaged Aden receives boatload of Emirati aid

May 25, 2015

War-ravaged Aden receives boatload of Emirati aid

A ship carrying 460 tons of Emirati humanitarian aid docked Sunday in Yemen’s restive port city of Aden, as a Saudi-led coalition bombarded Shiite rebels across the country. The United Nations, which is hoping to host a conference on Yemen in Geneva next week, ...

May 15, 2015

With goats and chickens, program helps the poorest get by

The poorest of the poor can be helped with a program that includes providing goats, sheep, chickens or other livestock and training in how to make money from them, a large six-nation study concludes. That approach didn’t wipe out poverty for participants, but they ...

'Doctors' keep Cambodia healthy

Apr 10, 2015

'Doctors' keep Cambodia healthy

When the phone rings, former Khmer Rouge soldier Ken Mon grabs a bag stuffed full of medicine, jumps on his motorbike and heads for an impoverished Cambodian village with the haste of any diligent local doctor. Yet the 55-year-old Mon has no formal medical ...