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Jan 23, 2015

Making babies makes a comeback in Japan

by Noah Smith

The slight rise in Japanese fertility since 2005 — despite the sharp recession and natural disasters that happened in the meantime — suggests there is hope that work-life balance will help to stabilize the populations of developed nations after all.

Jan 13, 2015

Delivering on the promise of 'Abenomics'

by Koichi Hamada

If politicians themselves participate in the taxpayer identification system, bureaucrats forgo some of the power that excessive regulation affords them and businesses give up some of their special tax benefits, the Abe government may yet fulfill its promise and build a thriving economy.

Now Abe must follow through

Jan 13, 2015

Now Abe must follow through

by Yuriko Koike

Three factors played important roles in securing Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's extraordinary victory in last month's elections: falling oil prices, rising skepticism about China's peaceful intentions and Abe himself supplanting the role of labor unions by demanding that companies give pay raises.