Jan 6, 2015

Rethinking cancer risks

The takeaway for many after reading a Johns Hopkins School of Medicine study is that personal behavior may influence the incidence of cancer only sometimes. Many incidences apparently are the result of bad luck.

Jan 5, 2015

Untimely stimulus package

If Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to tame the negative impact of the weak yen, he should try reining in the excessive monetary easing by the central bank instead of drawing up a stimulus package worth trillions of yen.

Jan 4, 2015

Revitalizing rural parts of Japan

There seems to be a basic discrepancy between the Abe administration's direction in its employment policy and what its regional revitalization program is aiming for.

Jan 3, 2015

New copyright protections, risks

It is hoped that the revision to Japan's Copyright Law, which took effect this year, will help bring healthy development of digital publication, while affording new protections for publishers and authors.

Jan 2, 2015

A year to study history

In Asia, perhaps the most important political task in 2015 will be understanding the personality and the politics of China's top leader, Xi Jinping. That means studying history.

Dec 31, 2014

A watershed year for Japan

Japan is at a crossroads in many ways as the nation greets the 70th year since it set out on the path of rebuilding after its defeat in World War II.

Dec 30, 2014

End of the STAP dream

At the very least, the education ministry, Riken research institute officials and others must determine what went wrong with the dream of STAP cell research and push for drastic change in Japan's research environment.

Dec 30, 2014

Bad feelings toward the neighbors

An overwhelming majority of people in Japan harbor negative sentiments toward Asian neighbors that the government calls "partners responsible for the peace and prosperity of the region." What is Prime Minister Shinzo Abe going to do about that?

Dec 29, 2014

Pesky political fund problems

The return of Shinzo Abe's ruling bloc to a two-thirds majority in the Lower House has all but sidelined a spate of political fund problems that hit Cabinet members before the snap election. But it has not erased them.

Dec 28, 2014

Using errors to advance agendas

An independent panel's findings on the Asahi Shimbun's retraction of a series of past articles on the "comfort women" issue offer important lessons to reporters, editors and newspaper management.