Mar 21, 2017

SDF peacekeepers' logs fiasco

Public trust in the Self-Defense Forces will be undermined if it turns out the SDF intentionally concealed its South Sudan peacekeeping records.

Mar 20, 2017

Mixed outcome in wage talks

The results of the annual management-labor pay negotiations highlight the limitations of the Abe administration's drive to get export-led businesses to raise wages.

Mar 17, 2017

Step to trim overtime falls short

A new legal cap on overtime will hardly serve as a guarantee to stop the excessively long work hours from causing the deaths and suicides of overworked employees.

Mar 14, 2017

Clarify Moritomo land deal

The government should clarify how the land plot in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, had been sold to Moritomo Gakuen at a fraction of its appraisal value and whether there was any political meddling in the deal between the operator and the Finance Ministry.