Apr 9, 2015

Keeping the memory of war alive

In visiting Palau, the Emperor is continuing his efforts to ensure that the memories of Japan's wartime experience are kept alive and passed down to future generations.

Apr 7, 2015

Keep Japan-N. Korea talks on track

Pyongyang should realize that carrying out its promised probe into the abductions of Japanese citizens by North Korean agents is the best way to gain Japan's trust.

Apr 6, 2015

A nuclear deal, and much more

If the nuclear deal with Tehran succeeds, it will remove a source of great instability in the Middle East and could facilitate Iran's building of a new relationship with the rest of the world.

Apr 2, 2015

Ambitious Nankai quake plan

The government must verify and review its highly ambitious reponse plan for the predicted Nankai Trough quake to ensure it can be implemented smoothly when disaster strikes.

Apr 1, 2015

Nation's food self-sufficiency rate

Instead of setting excessively high targets for food self-sufficiency, maintaining an open trade system and diverse sources of food imports should be the priority for Japan in its quest for food security.

Apr 1, 2015

Corporate leadership rejuvenation

Hopefully the move to buck the seniority system and appoint younger presidents will help breathe fresh air into the staid corporate culture of major Japanese firms.

Mar 31, 2015

'A giant of history' leaves the stage

The late Lee Kuan Yew used to insist that he had to maintain a tight political grip on Singapore. Today, however, there are rising doubts about the durability of the system he has bequeathed to his son.