Dec 28, 2016

Beyond Abe's Pearl Harbor visit

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Pearl Harbor serves as a reminder of the need for full reconciliation with Japan's Asian neighbors that suffered from its past aggression and colonial rule.

Dec 25, 2016

Ensuring 'equal pay for equal work'

The government's draft guideline on improving the conditions of irregular workers is a step forward, but much more needs to be done to ensure that the rules will be followed.

Dec 23, 2016

The cost of cleaning up Fukushima

Government funding for decontamination in the most heavily radiated parts of Fukushima Prefecture will blur Tepco's financial responsibility for the devastation it caused through the 2011 nuclear disaster.

Dec 22, 2016

Review the failure of Monju

Before the government launches another expensive undertaking aimed at keeping its nuclear fuel cycle policy alive, it should first examine why the Monju fast-breeder project ended in failure.

Dec 21, 2016

Henoko dispute simmers on

The Supreme Court ruling in favor of the national government over construction of a new facility for the U.S. military in Okinawa Prefecture to replace the U.S. Marine's Air Station Futenma will not end its bitter confrontation with the prefecture.

Dec 20, 2016

China tests the United States

When it comes to the South China Sea, the world cannot afford to let Beijing make light of international law and its own promises of restraint.

Dec 18, 2016

Four years of Abe in power

Four years on, Abe's grip on power seems as strong as ever. The question remains how and where he will use his ample political resources.