Apr 5, 2016

Special trials for Hansen's patients

Rather than merely offer an apology to former Hansen's disease patients for their closed trials, the Supreme Court should look into whether they received fair trials.

Apr 2, 2016

China's tight control of speech

Chinese President Xi Jinping's stringent control of speech and media outlets could increase public frustration — a potential source of social instability.

Mar 31, 2016

Half-hearted decentralization effort

The poor results of the Abe administration's attempt to move national government functions out of Tokyo cast doubts as to how serious the administration is about pursuing its much-hyped policy of revitalizing regional economies by creating more jobs outside the capital.

Mar 29, 2016

Security legislation takes effect

Japan's postwar defense posture underwent a major change this week as new security legislation took effect, but how the government plans to implement the laws remains unclear.