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Great War cost Europe a century

Feb 16, 2015

Great War cost Europe a century

by David A. Stockman

There was absolutely nothing noble about U.S. President Woodrow Wilson's intervention in Europe during the carnage of 1917. It led to a peace of vengeful victors, triumphant nationalists and avaricious imperialists — when the war would have otherwise ended in a bedraggled peace of ...

Feb 15, 2015

Upstart Indian party slows Modi juggernaut

by Harsh V. Pant

Delhi voters appear ready to give the Aam Aadmi Party another chance after recent state elections. It testifies to the hard work that members of this anti-corruption upstart have done the past few months to reinstate confidence in their ability to deliver on commitments. ...

Feb 13, 2015

China's war on Western values

by Minxin Pei

The Chinese leadership's fight against liberalism and "Western values" — such as its intensified Internet censorship and the jailing of human rights lawyers — is directly undermining its efforts to root out official corruption, promote innovation and deepen engagement with the outside world.