Oct 5, 2014

U.S.-China partnership without tears or fears

by Tom Plate

In his new book, "World Order," Henry Kissinger wants you to accept what he believes is the 21st reality of China in a "partnership" with the U.S. He warns that a purely military definition of the Asian balance of power "will shade into confrontation."

Problem with President Xi

Oct 3, 2014

Problem with President Xi

by William Pfaff

Chinese President Xi JInping has insisted he won't tolerate any concessions to the calls for electoral and governmental reform now being made in mass demonstrations in Hong Kong. The analogy with the Tiananmen tragedy is now widely made.

Oct 2, 2014

Ray of hope for democrats

by Chikako Nakayama

For those Japanese who grumble about low voter turnouts in local and national elections, or who complain about the secretive character of political procedures, the open, democratic process of the recent Scottish referendum on independence was an object of envy.