Jun 24, 2014

America's addiction to war

by Ted Rall

Somewhere out there in an alternative universe, we should expect a more rational reaction to Barack Obama's announcement that he plans to re-invade Iraq. Perhaps a half-dozen Cabinet members would rush into the Oval Office and bundle the president off to an institution that ...

Jun 24, 2014

China can learn from U.S. how to cut smog

by John Kemp

Smog in China's cities is often presented as if it were the same problem as greenhouse emissions and climate change. In fact, China could significantly reduce its air pollution by enforcing the same emission control techniques that have been used in the U.S. and ...

Jun 23, 2014

Time to make 'Chindia' a reality

by William Pesek

Ten years ago, Indian economist and politician Jairam Ramesh raised the idea of China and India joining forces to cooperate as much as they compete. With both countries now in the hands of self-described reformers, could "Chindia" finally come to fruition?