| Sep 8, 2010

For most, adoption option impractical, iffy


For couples in Japan who can’t have a child, adoption is not considered a viable option. Seiko Noda, 50, a Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker who recently announced she got pregnant by using an egg from a woman in the U.S., wrote in a magazine ...

| Sep 1, 2010

Prognosis for BOJ action poor

Following are questions and answers on the latest Bank of Japan monetary easing steps and the government’s economic stimulus plan and their likely impact on the economy: Why did the BOJ resort to further monetary easing? The BOJ acted in response to the U.S. ...

| Aug 28, 2010

Shedding light on death penalty


Justice Minister Keiko Chiba, who will probably be replaced next month because she lost her Diet seat in the July 11 Upper House election, allowed journalists for the first time Friday to enter the Tokyo Detention House’s execution chamber. Chiba, who has long been ...

| Aug 14, 2010

Why is currency sharply rising?

Here are some questions and answers on the yen’s appreciation, the feeble stock market and the effects they’re having on the economy: What is happening in the global markets? Heightened concerns about the U.S. economic outlook have triggered a flight of funds from the ...

| May 18, 2010

Referendum law in effect but no amendments eyed


Three years since its Diet passage, the national referendum law takes effect Tuesday, paving the way for amending the Constitution. The political situation has undergone drastic change since 2007, when then hawkish Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of the Liberal Democratic Party created the bill ...

| Apr 15, 2010

Financial behemoth has huge footprint


The postal system has been on the path toward privatization, but a recent Cabinet decision to double the ceiling on postal savings accounts and maintain a large government share in the postal group has turned the clock back on reform. Here are some questions ...

Facts and figures on Toyota's car recall

| Feb 23, 2010

Facts and figures on Toyota's car recall


Toyota Motor Corp.’s recalls that started last September have involved millions of cars around the world. Safety concerns over Toyota cars have mounted, in the U.S. in particular, after a sudden uncontrolled acceleration killed an off-duty highway patrolman who was driving a Lexus ES350, ...

| Jan 14, 2010

What bankruptcy means for JAL


The government has effectively gotten Japan Airlines Corp.’s main creditor banks to agree to let JAL file for bankruptcy under the Corporate Rehabilitation Law, and the carrier may do so Tuesday. It remains unclear, however, how Japan’s biggest airline can be resurrected under court-led ...

| Jan 9, 2010

Bankruptcy would be bitter medicine for JAL


Enterprise Turnaround Initiative Corp. of Japan, a state-backed body tasked with Japan Airlines Corp.’s rehabilitation, is expected to decide within this month whether and how it will save the nation’s largest airline. A major focus is whether the program will be a court-led bankruptcy ...

| Dec 3, 2009

How the monetary easing measure will work

The Bank of Japan plans to pump around ¥10 trillion into the banking system to rein in deflation and the surging yen. Here are some questions and answers about the ramifications: Why has the BOJ introduced the measure? The central bank expects the measure ...