Religion couple's common ground

| Jul 11, 2009

Religion couple's common ground

by Natsuko Fukue

Zuzana Koike, a 29-year-old Austrian national of Slovak extraction, never thought she would even visit Japan before meeting and marrying Takeshi Koike, 38, a lecturer at Daito Bunka University in Tokyo. The two met in 2000 at a gathering of the Catholic Students’ Union ...

Childhood friends, partners for life

| Apr 4, 2009

Childhood friends, partners for life

by Eric Johnston

KYOTO — Dan Bertuzzi, 39, and his wife, Asuka, 31, have a relationship that’s a fairy tale come true. The two first met as young children over two decades ago in Vancouver, British Columbia, where Dan’s mother was teaching Asuka’s mom English, before losing ...

| Mar 21, 2009

Students find their heart in San Francisco

by Alex Martin

Dain Kaplan kept running into Akane Odake on campus, which was unusual considering the large population of the University of California, Irvine, and the vast expanse it occupies. The two, who had already met at a mutual friend’s birthday party, shared much in common, ...